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I came up with this little ditty after my first incident with someone making a comment about how much bigger I’m looking now that I’m pregnant.

Dear God, please grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to not slap people who feel they have the right to openly comment on my pregnant physical appearance.  Amen.

And for the record, it is never ok to refer to another woman’s stomach as a “pooch” – whether or not she’s pregnant!  Just thought I’d throw that one out there, since it’s apparently not common knowledge.  Geez, people…


I was just reminiscing on how technology has changed since I was in college.  Yes, technology is constantly changing, but it’s sort of fun/funny to pick a point in time and compare then with now.  I mean, think about dail-up AOL with “chat rooms” and compare that with instant, 24/7 internet access on your phone, where you can update your Facebook, Twitter, or connect to Skype.

Wow…I can remember a time when I didn’t even have a cell phone.  Cell phones were for rich people, important people, people who wore suits and had “business” to get done (whatever that meant).  Back then, my wildest dreams had me aspiring to owning a beeper – all the cool kids had beepers.  The first time I was allowed access to a cell phone was when I turned 16 and started driving.  And even then, I was just carrying around my mom’s phone, only if I went out after dinner, and only to use in case of emergencies.  I was also driving her car, which meant I had to replace the gas I used and wash it every Saturday.

Then, when I started college, my parents added me to their cell phone plan.  I was allotted about 200 minutes a month and my phone looked something like this:

Cutting-edge technology, folks!

Yep, it had an antenna, a green screen with black pixels forming the letters and, um, “graphics”, and 3 or 4 different types of beeping noises for ring tones.  Oh yeah…I was cool! 🙂  When my parents cautioned me about going over my minutes, I remember nodding to them while thinking to myself, “How the heck would I ever use up that many minutes?!”

Current-day me looks back on this cute, little, naive teenager and smiles.  Oh, honey, just wait.  The time will come when you’ll yawn at 200 minutes per month.  Eventually, phones will come with full-color displays, they’ll have cameras to take pictures and *gasp* videos!  Pretty soon, you won’t know what to do with yourself if you can’t have a phone without “text messaging” (you’ll learn about that in a couple years).  And get this…you’ll be able to access the World Wide Web on your phone one day!  Yep, and you’ll start to twitch if you lose your wi-fi signal.  One day, phones won’t even need buttons!  Woah, ok…too much?  We’ll stop there.

I’m trying to imagine what kind of technology will be available to my son when he becomes a teenager.  Will he look at my iPhone and laugh at what a dinosaur it is?  Will his eyes widen in disbelief when I tell him that we had to survive on only 3G or 4G through our phones?  Will Facebook and Twitter still be cool?  One of these days, I’ll sit him on my lap and tell him, “When I was your age, all I wanted was a beeper.”  And when he turns his puzzled little face up to look at mine and asks, “What’s a beeper?”, I’ll smile tell him my story…

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