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Since we first found out that I am pregnant, Hubby and I have agreed to when and how the two extra bedrooms in our house need to be re-arranged.  Currently, we have a guest room and an office/man-cave/extra guest room (it’s basically where the office “stuff”, Hubby’s man “stuff” and the futon are kept).  So, The Plan has always been as follows:

I, as Project Manager, will take on, as a summer project, the re-arrangement of the Guest Room and Office/Man-Cave/Extra Guest Room in order to create a New Guest Room and Baby Room by executing the following tasks:

  • Complete all backed-up filing that has accumulated since we sold our house (before we moved here…in November).
  • Purge all office “stuff” and divide into categories of “trash”, “sell”, “keep”, and “storage”.
  • Sell all office furniture.
  • Separate baby “stuff” from guest room “stuff”
  • Notify Hubby when he is to move all guest room furniture into now-empty office/man-cave.
  • Arrange and organize new guest room.
  • Clean now-empty old guest room and set up/organize baby “stuff”.

It sounded like a pretty clear-cut plan when we verbalized it 6 months ago…but now, I’m looking at these rooms…

Man Cave/Office/Extra Guest Room to be emptied.

Guest Room, full of baby "stuff"

Ummmm….GULP!  (The office/man cave picture doesn’t do it complete justice – there is an entire bookshelf, a wall and a half of pictures/decor, and a full-to-the-brim closet that are not shown here.)  So…if you don’t hear from me for a few days, you might want to send a search party, because I’ll probably be buried somewhere under a landslide in one of these two rooms!  Maybe I should tie a safety rope around my waist before I start…then again, it’s probably somewhere in the office/man cave…


Here is the picture of the arrangement I fell in love with…

"Fruits of harvest. Tuck fresh apples into a bouquet of red dahlias for a bountiful centerpiece. Poke twigs into the bottoms of different-size apples, then insert twig ends into floral foam in the container" - Produced by Kelly Ryan Kegans & Jessica Thomas

(Found on page 15 of the September 2010 issue of Better Homes & Gardens magazine)

Isn’t it fabulous?!  🙂  I enjoy the different shades of red and that it’s not over-the-top “harvest-y”.  I just might have to go get some mums and create my own arrangement.  Great pre-Friday fun! 🙂

I LOVE Fall.  It is my favorite time of the year!

Don’t get me wrong – Christmas and snow will always have a special place in my heart.  But there’s just something about the cool, crisp weather that Fall brings with its scarves, cute boots, Pumpkin Spice Lattes, refreshing breezes, and the most AMAZING colors found in nature!  Oh, and apples…sigh…my favorite fruit.  🙂  As a kid, my family took at least one trip every year to the Minnesota Harvest apple orchard – great memories!!!

Ok, true confession time:  I am not one of those girls who had dreamed about her wedding day since she was knee-high to a grasshopper.  Only for one brief time in my life (I think it might have been during my sophomore or junior year in college) did I have a momentary fantasy of what my “big day” might be like.  Three words:  Outdoor Autumn Wedding.  I imagined getting married in a field, surrounded by trees, with all the leaves at their autumnal peak.  And the reception?  Large, hand-carved, wooden tables, with burgundy table runners, and arrangements of flowers and apples.  Apples, of course, would be the focus of the decorations, complemented by the reds and golds of Fall.

All of those plans stayed in the back of my mind (my real-life wedding was, in fact, outdoors, but during the Spring).  What brought those memories back was reading the latest issue of my Better Homes & Gardens magazine today at lunch – they featured a whole section on Fall-inspired decorating, even one article dedicated to apples! 🙂  There was a full-page picture of a floral arrangement with apples mixed in – I fell in love!  I couldn’t find a copy of the same arrangement online, so I’ll have to scan it and add it later! 🙂

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