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I wrote this on my iPhone while in the backseat of my friend’s car as we navigated the streets of Mexico City.  Enjoy! 🙂

How to drive in Mexico:
1. The horn is your friend. Use the horn. A lot.
2. The turn signal is not your friend. Nobody cares about what you’re doing until you actually do it, so get moving!
3. If you need to change lanes, do it now. That’s why the other cars have brakes.
4. Don’t worry about those lines they painted on the road. If your car fits mirror-to-mirror next to another car, that’s a lane.
5. Also, those red stop signs are really more of a suggestion; we’re not sure why they bothered to put them up, maybe for decoration?
6. Ditto for most traffic lights.
7. And the policemen directing traffic.
8. If you want to turn left, remember to get into the far right lane first.
9. Treat all rotundas like normal intersections – if you want to go left, go ahead and go against the majority of traffic.
10. While making a left turn in a rotunda, feel free to stop if you need to – everyone will just go around you.
11. Street signs are not very reliable, but taxi drivers give great directions.
12. Buses always have the right of way; even if he rear-ends you, it’s your fault.


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