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Has it already been 6 months?!

I look at my son bouncing and playing in his exersaucer and am simply amazed. Just 6 months old…half way to a year!

A year ago, I had just found out I was pregnant with him. It felt like today was forever away, but it came as soon as I blinked. I still look at him and think, “Are you really here? Am I really a mom?” At the same time, it seems like he’s always been here, like I can’t remember when he wasn’t a part of our lives.

Sometimes when I hold him, I can’t help but cover him in kisses or squeeze him close. I love to cuddle him and pat or rub his back and feel him lean on my shoulder and sigh contentedly. I could just stay that way for-ev-er!

His smiles light up my whole day! He doesn’t even have to be doing anything special for me to want to hug him. He’s just naturally squeezable! 🙂

And this makes me wonder if God ever feels that way about us. Is this an aspect of His love that He could only reveal to me through parenthood? I’d like to think that this new kind of love that I’m experiencing is a reflection of God’s love for me. That my experiences as a mom is an echo of God’s relationship with me as my Heavenly Father.

Can you picture God looking into your face and bursting out, “Ooooohhh, I just love you SO MUCH!!!!” Can you imagine God wanting to scoop you up in His arms and give you a big squeeze and a kiss in the middle of your day? What if your smile fills His heart with joy?

Try and visualize that next time you look at your child. 🙂


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